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Tips for a Happy Relationship


Tips to finding happiness and satisfaction in a relationship:

  1. Express admiration and affection. The idea is to look for ways to appreciate and feel warmth for your partner, and express those things. Send unexpected text messages, leave a loving note near the bathroom sink in the morning, or even do small favors.

  2. Make room in your head. We are happiest when we reserve space in our heads for our significant others.  keeping knowledge in your head about everyday things like important foods or movies adds to your private love map of him or her.

  3. Accept influence from each other. Many people define power in relationships as the control we have over each other, but another way to define power is the balance of influence each person has on the other.

  4. Know your partner’s inner world. A key to happiness in relationships is knowing each other’s meanings and symbols, finding the dreams within conflicts, and creating shared meanings.

Many people say that relationships are hard work, but this is only partly true. The key to happiness in your relationship is learning habits that keep your partner feeling happy and safe. Once you do that the habit will take over and the effort of keeping a happy relationship stops seeming like hard work.

Of course, maintaining happiness in a relationship can be difficult as well. If you ever feel like you may need help keeping your relationship happy, feel free to call (813) 244-1251 to talk to someone at Star Point Counseling about your relationship. Also, visit our website for more information on how we can help you learn tips and techniques for keeping a happy relationship!

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