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If you are experiencing relationship issues (conventional or alternative) related to communication, sex & intimacy, trust, stress or anger management, infidelity, emotional cheating, substance abuse/dependence, internet/facebook obsession/addiction, or any other source of discord or distress, we are here to help you build and improve your relationship through marriage counseling or couples counseling. Communication breakdown occurs when any one of the above issues has taken place and then couples start fighting. We will help you get back to the open communication and teach you how to fight fairly. In marriage counseling and couples counseling we teach our clients assertive communication, listening properly and fighting fairly. 


We teach and demonstrate effective parenting skills and techniques that will help you to break through the communication barriers that may be undermining your authority in the home.

Either parent may be inadvertently feeding into the fever of non-compliance, triangulation, manipulation, arguments, willfulness, poor academic status, school referrals, poor peer selection, and other problems you may be facing with your adolescent or child.

While we believe that the luckiest children are those who have grandparents and other extended family involvement, we also address parenting concerns and boundary issues, stemming from meddling or any staying extended family members - including the often dreaded "in-laws."

We understand the excitement and challenges that come with blended families as well, and want to help you to help each other make adjustments to the changes that occur when two families join under one roof.


We specialize in helping troubled teens get back on the right track. If your teenager child is defiant against authority figures at home, school, or in the community resulting in family conflict, child discord, multiple referrals, suspension, expulsion, and/or legal issues, we can help him or her through the stages of change, to increase compliance with rules and laws, encourage positive peer selection, improve academic status, and overall goal directed behavior.

Similarly, if your child is suffering from depression, anxiety, socialization issues, etc., we can also help open communication by encouraging the expression of negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that compromise your child's sense of well being.

We provide tools, skills, and strategics to help your child improve his or her self esteem and self concept, relationships, and to increase their level of functioning at home and at school. 


We help you to identify specific family dynamics that compromise the quality of home life for parents and children. We encourage strong, loving, high functioning, and spiritually grounded family lifestyles.

Without pointing the finger of blame, shame, or chastisement, we identify the factors that may contribute to a break down in communication in the home. We identify and resolve such factors as triangulation, enmeshment, co-dependency, defiance, ineffective parenting practices, and other stress factors that challenge and compromise the well being of your family system.

We help and teach children of divorced parents coping skills. We also work with parents on co parenting skills after divorce.


Many people plan for the wedding, but it is more important to remember to plan for the marriage. We offer premarital counseling workshop to help you plan for a successful marriage. Learn how to handle difficult situations as a couple and how to cope with unexpected stressors. The premarital workshop consists of 5 sessions. 

STRESS Stress is our mental, physical, emotional, and behavioral reactions to a perceived demand or threat. Stress is unique to each individual and comes from situations or thoughts that result in one feeling frustrated, angry, or anxious. Stress is an unavoidable consequence of life, almost everyone experiences stress in their lifetime.

ANXIETY Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems throughout the world, and it can create tremendous suffering. It can rob you of self-confidence, productivity, and peace of mind. It can also create conflicts in your relationships with others. When you feel anxious, worried, or panicky, you’re telling yourself that you’re in danger and that something terrible is about to happen.


Whether you are the owner, manager, supervisor or supervisee, the workplace can be a major source of mental, emotional, and physical distress. At Star Point Counseling Center, we can help you find out how you can maximize the productivity of yourself and others and explore techniques that are competitive, congenial, and creative for the workplace environment. We will guide you to learn and practice team building skills as well as help you to explore professional development, advancement strategies, and education or career opportunities. 


We are here to help you identify the side effects and benefits of your medications prescribed to you by your primary care physician or psychiatrist. We will teach you the skills necessary to manage the symptoms of any diagnosed acute or chronic mental or mood disorder.


Many couples have control issues that, unfortunately, threaten to evolve into violence. We can help you to recognize controlling behavior and domestic violence including verbal, emotional, and/or physical violence. We can show you when and how to set clear and enforceable boundaries.

We also help those who are overly dependent and/or inferior in a relationship. We encourage safe, sane, and consensual interactions where no one is being disrespected, repeatedly put down, or harmed in any way.


We are available to help you and loved ones during times of acute stress resulting from grief and loss. Children and adults as well as civilians and the military need love, support, and guidance in order to process the losses in separation and divorce, fatal accidents, demise of a close friend, family member or significant other, loss of a job or home, loss of a pet (we know they are family), or other sudden and unwelcome turn of events.

We will walk with you through your darkest hour, holding the light of faith and giving you hope, renewal, and strength.


We work to make our veterans' homecoming as rewarding as possible. We will help you identify and find relief from signs and symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Major Depression (MDD), Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAS), etc., and provide the services necessary to assure the adjustment to civilian life.

We work to reverse the dissociation and desensitization that was, in war, a source of strength, which otherwise at home may contribute to a sense of detachment, estrangement, and/or an inability to give, express, or receive love.

We are prepared to help you, as well as others present with grief and loss, Vicarious Traumatization, stress management, and other issues that may result from the selfless services they provide. 


Feeling overwhelmed by grief or stressed at the emptiness left by the loss of your beloved pet. At Star Point Counseling we all understand that our pets are our family. When we lose our pet, we are losing a beloved family member.


We help clients in the areas of infertility including women dealing with Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease, Post Partum Depression, etc.


While we do everything we can to help you fix and save your relationship, we are also prepared to help you and your family make the smooth transition through the process of separation and divorce, if that is the decision you feel is right for you.


We eagerly embrace new beginnings for families with children of all ages. We will help you adjust to having an addition to your family. We know it can turn your entire world around, as you navigate through all the changes that a newborn, blended families, or second marriages which stepparents or stepchildren may bring.


We work with all people regardless of their race, creed or sexual preference.


If you have joined the singles' pool, we are here to help you identify the values, attributes, interests, etc., that will make a good fit for you as well as the red flags that flare up behind the curtain of infatuation.

Do you feel you have been a magnet for difficult partners? We can help you choose a new and much more rewarding direction. We also address issues relating to past childhood trauma and co-dependency that may have adversely impacted choices you or your partner have made in selecting a mate, sustaining toxic relationships, or that may have impaired the ability to give and/or to receive love.

It is important to understand what versus who went wrong in the past, so we can learn to move on and clear the path for a rewarding relationship just around the corner.


Our therapists can help you change your repetitive negative behavior and thoughts through intensive therapy. Negative thoughts will lead to negative behaviors. Usually negative thoughts have been with you for a long time. Over time we can undo the negativity and turn your thought process into positive thoughts leading to positive behaviors.

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