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  • Sam DiFranco

Juggling Act

Have you gotten caught up?  Have you gotten so wrapped up in “adulting” that you have forgotten what “fun” looks like?  So many people nowadays are so caught up in their mortgages, bills, work, and getting ahead that they have forgotten that all work and no play makes a dull boy.  To live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life we must be balanced.  While work, bills, and getting ahead at work is an important part of you… it is not all of you.

You are more than work.  You are more than bills.  You are more than a title or a number at work.   Your family, friends, and having fun in life is also a part of you.  When you begin to feel stressed out and overwhelmed take a deliberate breath and breathe in all the light, love, and goodness.  Breathe out all the stress, anxiety, and darkness.  Quit trying to one up the next guy and be proud of yourself, not prideful. Appreciate where you are and all that you have achieved and overcome.  Now, have some fun. Give yourself permission to enjoy your life.  Put your phone and your electronics away.  Stop and smell the flowers.  Schedule your fun time deliberately and then hold onto that fun appointment and don’t cancel and try not to have to reschedule it.  You deserve it.  Your family and friends deserve it.  Give them the healthiest version of you by learning to balance.

Call or text us today to schedule an appointment and we will teach you how to balance.

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