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Anxiety Counseling For Anxious and Stressed-Out Adults At Star Point Counseling Center In Tampa FL,

It’s Time to Take Back Control

Anxiety in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, and stress are running…the…show! Your thoughts are unstoppable. You just can’t control the worry. You’re exhausted and need a break.

Just as you find the answer to one question another “what if” pops up. You struggle to complete tasks until the very last minute.

You make time for “self-care” but find that the stress just won’t leave you alone. You’re getting irritated by little things you used to be able to brush off.

Sleep? What sleep?

Life Doesn’t Have to Be a Constant Battle with Anxiety in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, Stress, and Overwhelm!

Common Ways Anxiety Symptoms Can Show Up In Your Life

You may find that simple everyday tasks take you twice as long because you’re worrying excessively over every detail.

Unsure of yourself and wanting to be liked you rehash every conversation in your head and second-guess everything you said.

You may feel constantly “keyed up” or “on edge” and unable to relax. You find that you’re snapping at family and friends instead of truly enjoying time with people you love.

You keep your schedule jam-packed with activities so you don’t have to be left alone with your anxiety in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL. It’s effective but really exhausting.

Most days you feel at your max and so when little challenges come your way you explode and your emotions take over.

Your physical body has taken a hit from stress and anxiety in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL. You may notice frequent headaches, struggle to keep weight on, stomach upset, or feel nonstop neck pain. 

Your mid-section…you don’t even want to talk about it. Secretly you wonder if all your stress is really just hiding in your belly.

Finally, bedtime comes but instead of sleep, you get bombarded with tasks from your to-do list, “what ifs,” and worry.

No Matter How Anxiety and Stress Are Showing Up Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, Can help with anxiety counseling.


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