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Child & teen counselng & therapy in Riverview Fl., Lithia Fl., Brandon Fl., Seffner Fl., Valrico Fl., Dover Fl., Plant City Fl. & Gibsonton Fl.

Star Point Counseling Center Brandon, Lithia & Riverview Florida

We specialize in helping children & teens get back on the right track. If your child or teenager is defiant against authority figures at home, school, or in the community resulting in family conflict, child discord, multiple referrals, suspension, expulsion, and/or legal issues, we can help them through the stages of change, to increase compliance with rules and laws, encourage positive peer selection, improve academic status, and overall goal directed behavior.


Similarly, if your child is suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, low self esteem, sexual identity, socialization issues, etc., we can also help open communication by encouraging the expression of negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that compromise your child's sense of well being.


We provide tools, skills, and strategics to help your child improve his or her self esteem and self concept, relationships, and to increase their level of functioning at home and at school in Brandon, Seffner, Lithia, Valrico, Riverview, Tampa, Dover, Plant City, Apollo Beach & Ruskin Florida.

We understand children love their electronics so online counseling & therapy may be a great avenue for them to talk with a therapist in the privacy of their home. 

Call or Text 813-244-1251


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