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What Kinds of Couples Counseling Does Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, offe

Couples counseling at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, can look different at varying stages of life. We are committed to specialized therapy, catered towards your specific therapy needs. Each of these services can be combined and tailored to meet your specific relationship needs.

  1. Marriage Counseling & Couples Counseling: These titles are often used interchangeably. Whether you are married, cohabitating, in a serious relationship, or dating, therapy is targeted towards improving relationship satisfaction. Goals can include improved communication skills, conflict management, finding the “spark”, recovery from infidelity, substance abuse, or betrayal, the effects of parenting on the relationship, blended family concerns, developing healthy relationship habits, and more.

  2. Premarital Therapy Premarital therapy applies to couples who are seriously dating or engaged. Therapy is a preparation for your upcoming marriage. Often, a therapist will walk you through important topics to process and identify relationship values.

  3. Co-parenting Therapy If you are divorced or separated, therapy provides a platform to implement appropriate communication strategies, parenting approaches, and conflict management as you navigate a two-home family. Therapy is typically solution-focused.

  4. Parent Coaching Have you ever said to yourself, “We would have a great marriage if not for our parenting concerns?” Parent coaching is solution-focused, skills-oriented therapy with an overall goal of increasing parenting confidence. The relationship between parents is a part of therapy, however the focus primarily rests on parenting concerns and challenge

How Long Does Marriage Therapy Take?

Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, understand the urgency that a relationship in crisis brings. Many of our clients experience relief, even when scheduling the initial intake appointment. Therapy does take time to bring about long-term, sustainable progress. However, with each appointment you will be closer to the connected, stable, loving relationship you have always wanted. Research shows couples experience an increase in relationship satisfaction between 4 and 12 sessions.

It is very common to experience continued conflict, increased tension, or even feelings of hopelessness when you begin couples counseling in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL. The process of therapy unearths feelings that, perhaps, have been buried for weeks, months, or years. But take heart! This is how you get to the other side of having an emotionally attuned relationship filled with empathy, understanding, and love. Many studies find 70 – 75% of couples engaging in marital therapy experience positive results. Having a qualified, trained provider will give you the tools to create the marriage you desire..

We Can Help Your Marriage and Relationship

Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, understand contacting a therapist can be an intimidating but important step. It takes insight and courage to admit your relationship needs outside help.


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