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  • Sam DiFranco

What Are The Key Differences Of Sadness Vs. Depression? At Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL,

We all experience sadness sometimes. It’s a typical human emotion, a standard response to loss, stress, or disappointment.

In some cases, the symptoms of sadness might trigger feelings of helplessness or despair. Often, when we feel sad, even if the feeling is intense, it goes away, and you can resume your everyday routine.

Sadness itself does not indicate depression. That’s because depression in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, extends beyond a fleeting emotion. Depression is a mental health condition characterized by a cluster of physical and behavioral symptoms, including:

  1. A lack of motivation.

  2. Fatigue or low energy throughout the day.

  3. Sleep problems.

  4. Appetite and weight changes.

  5. Feelings of guilt or worthlessness.

  6. Difficulties with focus and concentration.

  7. Anhedonia (lacking pleasure in usual activities or relationships).

  8. Suicidal thoughts.

Depression in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, usually includes persistent sadness, but some people notice more irritability, shame, or insecurity. Additionally, when someone has depression, their mental health impacts other areas of functioning, like their job, relationships, or physical health.

Unlike sadness, depression doesn’t just go away with time. It can ebb and flow, but it often progresses if left untreated.


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