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What are some signs that a relationship is toxic and needs to end? At Star Point Counseling Center i

It can be hard to recognize signs that your relationship has gone bad and needs to end. The situation becomes even more complicated in a toxic one, as it gradually chips away at your mental and emotional health over time, until all you’re left with is shadow of what you once had. It is essential that we learn how to identify these red flags before it completely overwhelms us and know when it’s time to break up.

The most obvious sign of a toxic relationship is when the partner becomes emotionally or physically abusive. This can manifest in all kinds of ways such as controlling behavior, manipulation, belittling words, bullying, constant criticism and physical violence. Even though the abuse may not be frequent, the presence of any form of abuse is an unequivocal sign that the relationship should be ended.

Another convincing sign that a relationship is on the verge of becoming toxic is when it is purely built on dependency. If you find yourself constantly depending on your partner for financial security or emotional support, it is likely to become a problem as this person has too much control over your life. Instead of finding reassurance and contentment in the relationship, you are instead recognizing yourself only through the other person.

If your partner is showing signs of excessive jealousy and possessiveness, then it should raise alarm bells. It is reasonable if they feel hurt or upset when you talk or spend time with someone else, however if they are persistent or constantly throw fits of rage whenever you show attention to someone else it merely demonstrates insecurity. Furthermore, if they actively discourage activities and experiences conducive to your personal growth and development, it is definitely a sign that that they do not share the same dreams and goals as you.

If the relationship no longer fills you with joy and happiness, then that is a clear indication that it needs to end. This doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be all roses and sunshine all the time; it is natural for couples to have their arguments and disagreements. However, if the good times are largely overshadowed by the bad times and you continuously feel more like an observer than a full-fledged participant in the relationship, then this is a sign that it is now more damaging than beneficial.

Cutting ties with someone who meant a lot to you will always be difficult. To make the process smoother and easier, it is important that we look out for these signs of toxicity before they sink deep into our lives. We must take care of ourselves and remember that people come and go. It is never too late to break away from a toxic relationship and let yourself flourish.


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