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<strong>Adoption Star Point Counseling center Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl </strong>

Adoption and foster care can lead to positive outcomes for many children. However, thousands of other children and young adults placed in foster or adoptive homes may experience significant stress and trauma due to difficulty with the foster care system, problematic placements, and neglectful or abusive foster parents and siblings.

Even when children are adopted into loving homes, they may have conflicted feelings about being given up for adoption. Adoptive children may also experience stress or anxiety as a result of not knowing their background. These and other issues can often be explored through therapy at Star Point Counseling center in Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl

Many children who are adopted at an early age, especially those who do not know anything about their birth family or the circumstances that led to their adoption, experience significant stress, anxiety and other issues as a result of not knowing who they are or where they came from. Children who live in happy homes with adoptive parents who love and care for them may still fantasize about their birth families and imagine what their parents and siblings might look like. As a result, children may become angry or oppositional.

Children who live in foster homes or with adoptive families may have attachment issues and developmental delays. They may also experience mental health conditions, such as significant anxiety, depression or social problems. Children who are eventually adopted by their foster families or by other families may also experience difficulty with trust and may not adapt easily to a permanent home.

With therapy at Star Point Counseling center in Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl, many adoptees, foster children, those who have left foster care are able to improve their quality of life and well-being.

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