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  • Sam DiFranco

Solving Communication Problems with Your Tween.


Maintaining a good relationship with your child is important for getting them to do things that they prefer not to do and being able to influence them. Even tweens with an overly developed conscience are still at the stage where they do the right thing to avoid displeasing their parents, teachers, and other authority figures because they can readily tell the difference between right and wrong.

A big problem for parents is getting tweens to listen when they are being spoken to. In fact, many parents are so used to being ignored, they automatically raise their voices when asking their tween to do something, as if speaking to someone who is slightly deaf. Most tweens dislike being shouted to and ordered about. It makes them resentful, and as they mature, they begin speaking in the same disrespectful ways to their parents.

For many parents, the biggest challenges are remembering to treat their child respectfully on the one hand, and demanding that their child treat them respectfully on the other. Modeling is the most potent form of teaching.If you yell and scream out of frustration, apologize later, just as you would expect someone else to do if they lost their temper with your child, and just as you would expect your child to do if they took out their crankiness on you or their teachers. Down the road, they will need to be able to handle them self appropriately with bosses and employers.

For more tips and tools on solving communication problems with your tweens, call us today! We teach and demonstrate effective parenting skills and techniques that will help you to break through the communication barriers that may be undermining your authority in the home.

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