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Should I Seek Counseling For Anxiety? At Star Point Counseling Center In Tampa FL, and Brandon FL.

While most people believe anxiety in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, is a bad thing, it can serve a useful purpose. Your body’s natural response to stress helps you react quickly to emergencies and protects you from danger. Anxiety can also motivate you to work harder or stay focused on a goal. It can even help you with tense situations.

There reaches a point, however, when the normal anxiety in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, that comes from living your life crosses a line and interferes with your ability to function in a healthy way. This debilitating anxiety causes excessive, irrational fears that impact your mind, your emotions, your relationships and your personal and professional responsibilities.

When this happens, you may want to seek out a mental health professional at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, who specializes in therapy for anxiety.

Signs & Symptom of Anxiety

You’re probably wondering if your anxiety in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, has reached that point. How do you know if your stress and fears are normal or if you’re struggling with an anxiety disorder? Here are some signs and symptoms that could indicate your need for anxiety counseling:

  1. Excessive fear, worry, nervousness or panic

  2. Uncontrollable, obsessive thoughts

  3. Dwelling on or flashing back to a traumatic event

  4. Irrational rituals or behaviors

  5. Feeling on-edge or restless

  6. Inability to be still or calm

  7. Difficulty concentrating

  8. Irritability

  9. Muscle tension

  10. Numbness in the hands or feet

  11. Dry mouth

  12. Nausea or gastrointestinal problems

  13. Excessive sweating

  14. Heart palpitations

  15. Shortness of breath or hyperventilation

  16. Dizziness

  17. Sleep disturbances


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