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  • Sam DiFranco

Relationship counseling, Marriage counseling

It is never too late to develop healthy relationships in life. If you are in a dysfunctional relationship, trying to fix it on your own usually doesn’t work to the point of hopelessness because oftentimes we need to develop healthier skills in order to fix such issues— relationship skills that we may not posses on our own. If one member of a relationship is dysfunctional then that person will suck the life and happiness out of the other member of the relationship. If the dysfunctional person is unhappy then they will make sure the other person “pays the price” and is unhappy too. This can be fixed with couples counseling or marriage counseling along with individual counseling for the dysfunctional person.

The word therapy literally means healing— so relationship counselors may focus on two particular areas: healing and education. Sometimes marriage partners say and do things that hurt their partner (such as name-calling and having affairs) and healing is needed.  Marriage counseling and couples counseling can help with the healing. Many times people need to learn better communication, anger management, intimacy and negotiation skills for the marriage to become healthy. Couples counseling or marriage counseling can also help with this. Trying to “fix it on our own” usually fails without learning new skills to navigate the potential marital pitfalls. Too often we have the same arguments over and over again without resolving them. If you are experiencing this in your relationship then get couples counseling or marriage counseling.

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