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Rebuilding the connection in your relationship with Couples Counseling At Star Point Counsleing Cent

When you feel disconnected from a partner, life feels heavy. None of us were meant to navigate alone, and when we do, we are burdened with a feeling of loneliness and the numbness it brings. At Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, couples therapy service, we offer relationships of all kinds a chance to reconnect, to dive into the problems that keep them disconnected, and to grow beyond their cycles of conflict and avoidance. 

Why do couples seek couples counseling?

People seek relationship and couples counseling when they are tired and angry after years of struggle or neglect, when they are betrayed and broken in the aftermath of infidelity, when they realize that they are living life without its most joyous offerings – love and romance. They come when they realize that they love each other but can’t seem to say it with any sense of emotional stirring. They come when they wake up one day and see a stranger who’s been sharing their bed for years.

They often come to address specific relationship issues like:

  1. Lack of intimacy

  2. Communication challenges

  3. Infidelity

  4. Constant conflict

  5. Sexual disconnect

  6. Sexless marriage

  7. Divorce

  8. Jealousy

  9. Sexual dysfunction

  10. Relationship trauma

  11. Family or in-laws conflict

  12. Differences in values

And in the process of addressing these issues in couples counseling they discover that feelings of disconnect, small and great, have pushed them apart slowly. Couples counseling at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, can not only address the issues that bring couples to therapy, but it can enhance the relationship beyond its previous best point, making it stronger and healthier in the long run.


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