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  • Sam DiFranco


It is very important for relationships to have power balance.

WHAT IS MEANT BY POWER BALANCE? When there is a balance in power within a relationship, both partners are valued and know they are valued, respect within a disagreement takes place and you are able to talk about any issues.

EXAMPLE OF POWER IMBALANCE if a person makes more money than their partner, they may begin to feel entitled to make all decisions about how the money is spent, rather than seeking their partner’s opinion.

A scale when balanced, is equal and a relationship should feel no different. If you feel that things are not balanced, the next step should be communicating those feelings with your partner, otherwise it can become an exhausting burden.

Allowing this problem to overshadow a relationship can eventually cause the partner without power to grow resentful or feel taken for granted. They may withdraw from the relationship to protect their own self-esteem.

Power doesn’t just take place in a relationship, it can also take place in a workplace, friendship, family, responsibilities and more!

When a relationship has been impacted by power imbalances, Star Point Counseling center can help partners communicate their concerns and develop healthier behaviors.

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