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  • Sam DiFranco

Peer Pressure in Adolescents

When you hear the words “peer pressure” normally it has a negative connotation behind it. It is typically viewed as negative because it can cause conflict and chaos in a individuals life more than it will help.

Teens are more susceptible to dealing with the pressure from friends, social media and the trends that follow the school halls.

At a young age, kids are taught to learn social skills and are encouraged to make new friends, however, if your child is suddenly becoming stressed or is dealing with stress, there is a chance the stress is coming from the “friend” group. All of this can ultimately stem from peer pressure.

Nearly everyone ends up in a sticky peer pressure situation at some point. No matter how wisely you choose your friends, or how well you think you know them, so it is important to learn how to stand tall on making a decision even if others may not think its not cool.

As mentioned before, it is common for kids to experience peer pressure at some given point, however, if it is taking a toll on mental health or safety therapy is always recommended.

Peer pressure can be viewed as a form of bullying and no child should have to face it alone. At Star Point Counseling, we want to help you find a way to be comfortable with saying “no” to the crowd and build that confidence that’s already within you. to find out more information, please visit

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