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If you have ever gotten to the end of an argument and wondered, “How did that happen?” you are not alone and may even at times feel stuck. Whether you are in the midst of a major life transition, period of stress, or are experiencing a slow loss of closeness, your most significant relationship can be a source of great joy as well as sorrow. Seeking couples therapy can help you and your significant other improve conflict resolution, intimacy, and communication.

Star Point Counseling Center’s couples therapists in Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl. have specialized training using empirically supported couples therapy methods such as Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and the Gottman Method. Our therapists will take a personalized approach when working with you while integrating research-driven methodology. If you are facing issues such as extramarital affairs, conflict, sexual intimacy, adoption, divorce, or parenting support, we are here to help.

Premarital Therapy

Engagement is an exciting and sometimes stressful period of transition for many couples. Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl. therapists are here to help you navigate this pivotal life change and transition well into marriage. We will guide you through the PREPARE-ENRICH curriculum, which is an empirically supported premarital program to help you and your fiancé build a stronger foundation for marriage. We will address issues like conflict resolution, communication, and dealing with family and friends. We appreciate you considering us during such an important time in your life.

Family Therapy

Familial relationships often provide us with the most love and support but can also be a source of tremendous pain when these relationships no longer function in a healthy way. Family counseling in Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl. may be an important option for you to consider if tensions amongst your family members have been rising, a significant loss has impacted your family, or one member seems particularly unhappy and you’d like to find a better way to support him/her. Many parents seeking family therapy describe feeling as if they have been “walking on eggshells” in their homes and are unsure what else to try to make things better. Meeting with a family therapist in Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl. will help you and all of your family members find a healthier way to interact with one another, generate greater understanding, and decrease conflict. Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl. family therapists also provide counseling for co-parenting, blended family issues, loss and transition, chronic illness support, and difficulty parenting.

Family therapists in Tampa Fl. & Brandon Fl. often recommend that your entire immediate family attend the initial session and will determine who should attend subsequent sessions following the initial appointment.


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