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  • Sam DiFranco


Infidelity within a relationship can be viewed as betrayal and damage a relationship. It can also possibly lead to breakup, or separations.

Dealing with this can make a person feel resentful, unhappy and angry. However, infidelity therapy may potentially repair those emotions.

Are you ready to repair? In order for a relationship to work, both partners have to be committed. It is important that security, trust and safety is regained in order to move on.

WHAT CAN CAUSE CHEATING? Some may say that both or one partner is unhappy in a relationship which leads to infidelity. Although, this may be true for some, other cases may be due to: -Lack of attention -Low self esteem -Sex addiction -Boredom -Mistrust

Infidelity therapy can help save a marriage. At Star Point Counseling center located in Tampa, FL and Brandon, FL, we want to help you build a strong support system, trust and express your concerns in order to save their relationship. We know what you’re going through. For more information please visit:

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