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  • Sam DiFranco

I Promise….

When you were younger, do you remember thinking about what your future would look like? Do you remember deciding what your future spouse would look like, how many children and pets you would have, where you would live, and even what you would be doing as a profession?  Yes, those days were fun.  We were able to imagine ourselves being great and having a wonderful life.  I think that for most people only good thoughts were thought about because  I don’t recall ever hearing anyone mention how they would parent their children.  I also don’t think that I ever heard anyone discuss what their lives would look like once they decided to not have anymore children or even how that would feel.

The truth is, that while living the dreams of our past’s future we may have messed up along the way.  We may have gotten so out of touch with what our real goals in life once were that we began to lose ourselves and we may have even lost sight of those precious dreams.  Did your life turn out the way that you pictured it? If not, that’s okay, things don’t always work out exactly as planned.  Okay, maybe never, but still… that’s okay.  The real question is: “Are you happy?”  Are you happy with the choices that you have made for your children?  Are you happy with the relationship between your children and your spouse?  Are you happy with how you are treated and how you treat others?

Regardless of the details of the future that you had planned, does it “feel” the way that you always wanted it to?  Think back to the promises that you made for child when he/she was born, when you first gazed into those beautiful eyes and made those promises of what you would always be for your child.  Are you fulfilling those promises that you made?

It’s not too late.  Start a new path.  Fulfill those promises.  “I promise to always be an understanding father and listen to you when you need someone to talk to.”  “I promise to love you unconditionally.”  “I promise to always give you my best.”  We all have bad days.  We all make mistakes.  But, it does not mean that for the rest of our lives each day has to be “bad.”  Get up and dust that dirt off your shoulders.  Allow your brokenhearted teenager to cry on your shoulder.  Be understanding that your child may have just had a bad day… like you.  It happens.  We have bad days.  Who do you have to talk to that will listen to you?  Who does your child have? Be to them who you needed when you were younger.  It’s not too late.

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