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  • Sam DiFranco


Hypochondria is also known as health anxiety. Dealing with hypochondria can make a person feel they have an undiagnosed serious illness, even if they don’t.

For the most part, hypochondriasis are preoccupied with their present or future health to a point where heir everyday life is affected.

Those deal with Hypochondria typically deal with the symptoms listed below

  1. obsessive thoughts

  2. anxious thoughts

  3. fear of contracting a disease or illness

  4. dizziness

  5. pain Research has shown that there is no specific cause of hypochondria, however, the atmosphere and energy a person is surrounded by can greatly influence. Other factors are: stress, neglect, OCD and anxiety disorder.

As Hypochondria may severely impact an individuals ability to function in daily life, treatment can be key. The best place to start is at Star Point counseling center located in Tampa, FL and Brandon, FL. For more information, visit

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