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  • Sam DiFranco


The thought of talking to your parents about therapy can be scary especially if they don’t really understand what you are going through or seem willing to try.  So start by explaining a little bit about the way you’ve been feeling lately. Tell them you believe that having proper support and educated advice is the best route to take for many reasons, some of which you might want to share too.

Remember that everyone in life needs help with something at some time. There’s no shame in explaining to your parents that while you don’t know exactly what you need or how it all works, you would like to give therapy a try so you can start feeling better.

If you are already in therapy and want to open up about your mental health or therapy progress, a therapist can help teach you ways to talk to your parents. You might want to explain your thoughts or feelings; or there may be parts of your therapy journey that you want to share along the way. So if what you want is to talk to your parents about therapy, one thing you can talk about in therapy is how to talk to your parents! Because you never know, you might want them as a source of support or encouragement outside of therapy.

You can also suggest certain therapy techniques to your family that allow for all members to work together, one of these therapy techniques is structural family therapy.

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