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How Relationship Therapy can Fix Broken Communication At Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, a

The number one complaint therapists hear in couples counseling in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, is that there is a breakdown in communication.

No one quite knows how it happens. You go from talking every day, to barely talking to each other at all.

And when you do talk, it’s about the kids, bills, or household chores.

Whether your problem is no communication, or every conversation leads to a fight, communication issues can create stress, frustrations, and annoyances with each other.

Therapy in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, can work wonders for your communication with your spouse by taking your broken communication patterns and making them whole.

You will both learn how to speak in a way that is clear and concise, so your partner understands.

Therapy in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, will also teach you how to actively listen, and overcome the blocks to listening that we all have. 

he 12 different types of Blocking Communication are:

  1. Comparing- trying to compare who is smarter, more competent, who suffered more in the conversation.

  2. Mind Reading – making assumptions about how people react to you, based more on intuition, hunches, and vague misgivings than on what people actually say to you.

  3. Rehearsing – Your whole attention is on the preparation and crafting of your next comment.

  4. Filtering- you listen to some things and not to others. You pay only enough attention to see if somebody’s angry or unhappy or if you’re in emotional danger.

  5. Judging- If you prejudge someone as stupid or nuts or unqualified, you don’t pay much attention to what that person says. You’ve already written the person off.

  6. Dreaming – You’re half listening and something the person says suddenly triggers a chain of private associations.

  7. Identifying – Everything you hear reminds you of something that you’ve felt, done, or suffered.

  8. Advising – You are the great problem solver, ready with help and suggestions. You don’t have to hear more than a few sentences before you begin searching for the right advice.

  9. Sparring- you argue and debate with people. The other person never feels heard because you’re so quick to disagree.

  10. Being Right – you will go to any lengths to avoid being wrong. You will twist the facts, start shouting, make excuses or accusations, or call up past sins.

  11. Derailing – suddenly changing the subject. You derail the train of conversation when you get bored or uncomfortable with a topic.

  12. Placating- You want people to like you, so you agree with everything.

Once you both have a good handle on those listening blocks, you are then able to begin self-reflecting and working on being more engaged in conversations.


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