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Has Sadness Overtaken You And You Don’t Know How To Rebound? At Star Point Counseling Center in Tamp

Are you overwhelmed by feelings of unending grief and sadness? Have you lost hope for what your future holds? Do you struggle with unexplainable physical and emotional symptoms as your interest in the things that once gave you joy dwindles?

Perhaps you’re weighed down by sorrow. Or maybe you feel the need to take time for yourself rather than socialize with others. And if you do decide to go out, perhaps you struggle to connect and fully engage with people. At your worst, you may have come to the conclusion that life just doesn’t feel like it’s worth living.

Depression in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, can put a damper on even your best days. It is a condition characterized by the experience of overwhelming sadness. This feeling may also be met with bouts of irritability, anger, guilt, or hopelessness. Furthermore, depression can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep, staying focused, or eating.

Additional signs of depression in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, may include changes in weight or self-injury as a way to cope with the pain or numbness you may feel. Forming and keeping up with relationships can also be another problem.

If you are experiencing depression in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, you may not recognize the person you’ve become. You may be able to sense the difference as compared to who you were before your depression set in. Perhaps you even blame yourself for allowing your spirit to sink so deeply. If this is the case, you likely feel helpless, and perhaps you can’t help but to spiral further downward into sadness.

Yet you should not blame yourself for what you feel. Depression in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, is a condition that impacts many people and treatment can give you the support you need to accept your feelings as human. Therapy at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa FL, and Brandon FL, can help you manage your symptoms and find ways to cope with and overcome your depression.


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