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  • Sam DiFranco

Dealing With Rejection

Being rejected can cause a person to feel sad, ashamed and lower their self-esteem.

When you think of rejection, the most common thinking is within a relationship. However, Rejection can also result from life events not involving relationships, such as being turned down for a desired position at work or receiving a rejection letter from a college.

What affect can rejection have on a person?

  1. loneliness

  2. Social anxiety

  3. Avoidant personality 

These factors are created due to craving of acceptance by others within society and with being rejected even once, can cause one to pull away from people. 

Although those are temporary affects, if a person struggles with long term rejection, he/she may be experiencing

  1. depression

  2. trauma

  3. abuse

  4. Stress/ anxiety

Short term and long term rejection can both affect someone’s daily lifestyle. For the most part, motivation and happiness is decreased and seeking therapy is always a great option. For more information, visit

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