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  • Sam DiFranco


Control is a reaction to the fear of losing control

Control issues may be related to:

  1. A lack of trust

  2. Traumatic experiences

  3. Abusive life experiences

  4. Anxiety

  5. Fears of abandonment

  6. Low self-esteem

  7. Perfectionism

Control issues mostly stem from traumatic events that leads to the fear of abandonment. However, the symptoms listed above, are also factors. A great way to let go of some control consists of:

  1. Writing down a list of fears

  2. Embrace trust

  3. Use daily affirmations

  4. Reach out for help Regardless of how severe the control is, reaching out for help is always an option. Therapy can always help a person identify the self-protective nature of the need for control. Addressing this problem can be one step closer to finding self-compassion and recognizing the things that may be causing the emotional distress.

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