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  • Sam DiFranco

Change Your Monday Morning Mood!

Even when you love your job, and especially if you don’t love your job, it can be hard to go back to work on Monday morning. After the weekend and having time out of the routine, it can feel overwhelming to jump back into work on Mondays. If you are aware that certain times of the day or days of the weak present a happiness challenge for you, you can take steps to improve them.

Here are some tips for improving your Monday mornings:

  1. Look forward to something. Many people suffer from the Sunday blues knowing they have to go back to work on Mondays, but having something you can look forward to can make it less dreadful. Try scheduling lunch with a friend, or plan to take a quick break and go for a walk with a co-worker.

  2. Set your own priorities. Get your own priorities done first and then worry about everything else.

  3. Make the most of the morning. Studies show that the brain is often better able to tackle cognitive tasks before noon, so Monday morning is a great time to tackle a challenging task.

  4. Shuffle the schedule. Maybe you have meetings or projects usually due on Mondays. Is it possible to move those things to another day of the week to give you a little cushion?

  5. Roll with it. Try to embrace and enjoy your Mondays even though you may hate them.

How you face the morning influences your mood, your health, and your life. Try making the best out of your Mondays and you will find that the rest of the week just flies by.

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