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  • Sam DiFranco

Can A Smartphone Ruin A Relationship?


The answer is YES! Smart phones are becoming a growing problem in relationships, because they worsen emotional infidelity. You might be texting a co-worker about an upcoming project, and before you know it you’re sharing more and more with each other, eventually you find yourself in an emotional affair. This situation is beginning to occur a lot more frequently in today’s technologically advanced world.

Here are 7 reasons why smart phones worsen emotional infidelity:

  1. Real time response. You can keep your phone with you, continuously interfacing with another individual which keeps you potentially connected all the time.

  2. Relationship fragmentation. It’s easy to have a relationship when all you have to do is chat with the other person.

  3. Lack of reality testing. You can’t listen to smartphones nag or complain, you don’t have to deal with bad breath in the morning, and they don’t leave their socks all over the floor.

  4. Control of present. People in smartphone relationships can hide certain characteristics about themselves and promote desirable ones.

  5. Ability to hide. It’s easy to hide a relationship on your phone, and when it is discovered, partners just get better at hiding it.

  6. Faster emotional disclosure. People disclose emotional vulnerability faster over the phone than in face-to-face interactions, making for a deeper connection.

  7. Multitude of ways to connect. People start affairs with various apps on smartphones, including Facebook, dating apps, email, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. All of these apps are potentially dangerous to your relationship.

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