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  • Sam DiFranco


A breakup may be considered to be positive or negative, depending on how the people involved felt about the relationship. However, it still will cause emotions to flare at some point.

Relationships are a significant part of life, and it is generally necessary to acknowledge their importance and the pain and sadness that accompanies their loss in order to move on. So, if you find yourself experiencing more emotion than usual, give yourself time to heal, it’s normal.

What can help get through a breakup?

-therapy: going to a few session can help bring out any concerns you may have, and help you make that next big step.

-self care: this can definitely help with the recovery process. Taking on new hobbies, crafts, eating well, staying active and getting enough sleep is a great start.

A therapist can be a a supportive part of the healing process. At Star Point counseling center, we want to help you cope with those negative feelings and address any guilt or self blame that may be experienced.

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