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  • Sam DiFranco

Bipolar Disorder: What’s your mood?

Bradley Cooper’s new movie, “Silver Linings Playbook,” is a film which sheds light on a disorder that seems to be becoming more prevalent in the recent years: Bipolar Disorder. The Diagnostic Statistical Manual IV-Text Revision categorizes Bipolar Disorder as a Mood Disorder. Often the diagnosis is thrown around by family members when someone is moody or may have anger issues, “She’s bipolar!” But not so fast, the National Institute of Mental Health suggests that only about 3.9 % of the population suffers from this disorder. The NIMH also shows that almost 90% of cases are considered severe. So Mom’s impromptu diagnosis of her teenage daughter, is most likely an extreme assumption, to say the least!

So what are some signs and symptoms to look for? Check out this link from the NIMH website…

If you feel like you or anyone you know may be experiencing these symptoms, it could be important to seek out the help of a qualified counselor. Whether a diagnosis of BPD is appropriate or not, a licensed mental health counselor may be able to help you find more peace in daily life while providing some tools to help battle emotional discomfort. It may also be beneficial to seek out a psychiatric evaluation to examine if a medical intervention such as medication could be an option for you.

Star Point Counseling offers mental health services in two locations: Tampa and Brandon Florida. We have qualified, licensed therapists here to help. Call and make an appointment today! 813-244-1251. For any additional information please feel free to check out our website at

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