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Avoid Troubles That New College Students Frequently Face.


Heading off to college may be the most exciting and scariest thing that you will ever do. Your parents try to tell you what to do and what not to do when you get into college. “Study hard,” “Don’t get into too much partying and drinking,” etc. But what incoming college student wants to listen to their parent’s advice and long lectures of what not to do in college? So here some principles that if new students can follow they’ll generally do just fine, and the best part is it’s not coming from your parent’s mouth.

  1. Take self-regulation seriously. Many new college students get into trouble with regulation their sleep, eating, drinking, and exercise habits. Carefully following some rules such as getting 8 hours of sleep, exercising for 30 minutes 3 times a week, etc. Self-regulation can go a long way in avoiding physical, behavioral, and mental health related troubles.

  2. DO NOT skip class. Other than the occasional sick days which are inevitable, always go to class. Missing a class will make you fall behind and make it much harder to catch up. Also, try sitting front and center in the classroom, this helps avoid distractions and the professors are more likely to engage with you.

  3. Utilize student resources. Colleges today offer so many student resources that include academic and personal advising, peer mentoring, disability resources, psychological counseling services, campus ministry, career advising/search, and many more. All of these services are paid for with your tuition, so get your moneys worth!

  4. Time is money. Just like money, time must be managed. Many students wait till the end of the day to study or get assignments done and they find themselves dozing off. Spend your free time in between classes productively.

If you are encountering these problems and can’t figure out how to change your patterns, we can help you get back on track! We have many tips and advice about how to stay on track (or get back on it) that can make your transition into college a smooth one.

Call us today for an appointment! (813)244-1251

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