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Are You Living A Balanced Life?

Clarissa Crystal-Belle, LMHC works with couples, families and individuals counseling in both Brandon, Florida and Tampa, Florida,  at the Star Point Counseling Center, helping improve the quality of their daily life experience.  She refers to the following five aspects of being:

  1. Spiritual

  2. Personal

  3. Family/Social

  4. Educational/Occupational

  5. Recreational

She explains that by allowing deficits in one or more of the five aspects, all other aspects of being are compromised. Simply put, if you are not connected and fulfilled spiritually you will not be content. If you do not nurture, tender, and discipline yourself, on a personal level, you will have little to give in any relationship. If you are starving spiritually, personally, and interpersonally, you will have less of yourself to apply in the workplace, and, if you do not refresh yourself in healthy ways, you will compromise the quality of your life in every other aspect of being.

Clarissa contends that one of the biggest obstacles to sustainging a meaningful relationship with a loved one is stress. She points out that stress is more of a state of mind than a testament of circumstances. She has said,

“When people put too much emphasis on the getting and keeping of things and not enough on raising their consciousness of all that they have received and everyting they have yet to give, it stresses them out.”

Stress also comes from lamenting too much about the time it took and all that occurred to get them there, without balancing that with an appreciation or meaningful plans for the time they have left.

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