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  • Sam DiFranco

Anger Management

Anger Management

Anger management is a tough mental health group topic, but group therapy can be very helpful if you struggle to manage your emotions. By talking with other people to learn coping skills and how you can control your feelings, you might be able to get to a place where you’re no longer feeling out of control when it comes to your anger.

Topics that can be covered in anger management groups can include:

  1. Conflict resolution

  2. Stress management

  3. Communication

  4. Positive thinking skills

  5. People and social skills

  6. How to handle the unexpected

Therapy isn’t going to be easy per se, but the right style and technique — like group therapy — might make it easier for you to commit to the process. Group therapy is a great technique for many people who’re looking for additional support on their journey to becoming the best version of themself possible.

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