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  • Sam DiFranco

What Can a Couples Counselor Do For your Relationship?

An educated and trained couples counselor like those offered at Star Point Counseling Center will help you and your partner identify your most pressing issues, and then help develop a plan of action. There are many different techniques that a skilled therapist can employ to help you improve your relationship.

Some of these methods may include:

  1. Identifying problem areas

  2. Improving communication techniques

  3. Resolving past issues and hurts

  4. Developing and practicing healthy communication patterns

  5. Identifying underlying psychological problems

  6. Treating mental health issues

  7. Working on addiction problems

  8. Creating mutual respect

  9. Journaling and sharing thoughts and feelings

  10. Creating opportunities for focused and intentional family time

  11. Fostering intimacy

Usually, a blend of methods and techniques will be needed to help a couple work through long standing issues. Changing unhealthy patterns of behavior is not easy, but it is possible. A skilled therapist will not be shocked by whatever issues you and your spouse bring to the office. We are understanding and skilled professionals. At Star Point Counseling Center, our licensed, experienced, couples counselors, marriage counselors, and relationship counselors have both the patience and the clinical tools to help you and your partner.

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