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  • Sam DiFranco

Tried Everything For Your Relationship, and Nothing Seems To Work?

It feels like you’ve tried everything to improve your relationship. You’ve tried talking. In fact, you’ve tried not talking. Or arguing. Perhaps you went on a trip together hoping to reconnect. But it still just doesn’t feel like you’re on the same page anymore.

By the time a couple is considering therapy, there’s often a thick wall with very specific bricks. Those bricks are dividing them, preventing the couple from hearing one another and connecting. Fear and hurt are the prevailing feelings, and the patterns are well-worn in the relationship.

Every couple has its own specific challenge. Although no two couples are the same, there is this unifying challenge around intimacy and how to be connected and stay connected. There is no cookie cutter approach to couple’s counseling in Tampa, Fl and Brandon, FL. Rather, our couple therapists at Star Point Counseling Center Tampa, FL and Brandon, FL will meet you where you are in your own relationship. For instance, our therapist may help couples use the inevitable problems with sex and intimacy to help them grow present time consciousness in relationship to one another.

Your marriage is worth making an effort for. Couples who work with our professional, caring team of therapists often feel more satisfied with their relationship after therapy. Begin Marriage Counseling in Tampa, FL and Brandon, FL with us today!

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