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  • Sam DiFranco

The Betrayed of Sexual Betrayal

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Experiencing infidelity or being cheated on in a committed relationship is devastating and traumatic. With an affair, one’s world is truly turned upside down. One’s immediate reaction is denial and shock as they generate other plausible explanations for finding damning texts, emails, pictures, or voicemails on their partner’s phone or iPad. As the realization sets in, one feels the devastating blow that the person they believed was there unconditionally to protect them and love them has now violated all their trust and their sense of security, has tainted all their memories that occurred during the lifespan of the affair, and has now potentially exposed them to disease. The betrayed becomes fraught with obsession for answers and information about the affair, with unwanted visualizations of their partner in sex acts with the other person, and with a sense that they did not measure up or could not please their partner in comparison to the affair partner. Moreover, the betrayed is often filled with mixed feelings about saving the relationship, running like hell, paying their partner back by having an affair of their own, ruining their spouse’s good name, and calling a divorce attorney.

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