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  • Sam DiFranco

Struggles of Becoming a Parent

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Becoming a parent is a joyous time, but unfortunately new stresses come along with it. Things change. Two people who were used to taking care of themselves now have the responsibility of taking care of baby that can do nothing for itself. Tension can arise between the caretakers and those around them. Because of the new addition, the responsibilities shift or may change all together. Some common difficulties that arise are frequent arguments and conflicts on how to parent. One of the most difficult things is learning the balance between, the relationship, family, and the everyday stresses of work and household work.

It is important that both partners form a bond with the infant and that both partners agree and participate in the infant’s care. It is critical that both partners notice and acknowledge their appreciation for infant care and support. Both partners should get together and discuss a plan on how to manage the balance of responsibilities.

If you are struggling with the adjustment of having a little one to care for, a counselor may be able to guide you through the transition from being a couple to being parents. Visit for more information or call 813-244-1251 for any questions or to set up an appointment.

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