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  • Sam DiFranco

Marriage Counseling Online and Over the Phone in Florida!

We provide specialized marriage counseling for couples impacted by unfaithfulness, betrayal or lack of intimacy in the relationship. Our approach enables couples to manage the consequences of addiction, build positive communication skills, reduce shame, rebuild trust, deal with disclosure of secrets, and develop a healthy sexual life.

There are many reasons why couples choose to come in for marriage counseling in Tampa, Fl and Brandon, FL: Parenting disagreements, time management, feelings of disconnection, conflict and arguing, lacking intimacy, and problems with in-laws. At Star Point Counseling Center, we are here to help you rediscover what brought you together in the first place and reconnect with one another in a fresh new way.

At Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa, FL and Brandon, FL we are currently offering online and over the phone counseling in Tallahassee, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Gainesville, Florida!

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