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  • Sam DiFranco

Looking to Heal your Relationship?

Relationship and Couples Counseling at Tampa, FL & Brandon, FL is an opportunity to meet with a trained therapist to explore concerns that are part of intimate partnering. Issues people commonly bring to couple counseling include: pre-marital counseling, new relationship struggles, cohabitation challenges, divorce and separation agreements, dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues and healing from emotional betrayals.

Being in an intimate relationship with another human being can be extremely stressful, even when you are deeply in love. Many couples crave more emotional intimacy in their adult relationships, as well as greater sexual intimacy. Companionship, for all of its benefits, can also present unique challenges. This is true for long-term committed friendships, as well as marriages, and domestic partnerships. Relationship Therapy in Tampa, Fl & Brandon FL provides a safe environment to discuss issues of intimacy and sexuality within a safe and confidential environment.

At Star Point Counseling Center Tampa, FL & Brandon, FL it is possible to heal even badly wounded relationships. It takes commitment and willingness to look more closely at one’s own behavior, goals, as well as what they desire in a relationship. Not every relationship can be “saved,” but most relationships can heal, and people can learn to respect, enjoy and honor each other.

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