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  • Sam DiFranco

Get Rid of the Rug

Do you remember when your relationship was new? Do you remember what that felt like? All of those good feelings wrapped up inside you….  As the years go by, some of us may lose that feeling and we begin to think that it no longer exists for that special person in our lives.  Anger has a way of fooling us.  The longer we sweep things under the rug the bigger that mound gets.  Anger has a way of hiding love.  “It is there but you can’t see or feel it, because anger is in the way” (C.S. Belle, 2014).  If you are tired of pretending and just going through the motions or if you are tired of thinking that you are being noble and saying  that you are staying “for the kids,”  let’s remember all those good feelings and all of the wonderful reasons that we originally chose our partner.  Give us a call, let’s work on forgiving, healing, and discovering what once made you both joyous.

Quoted from: Therapy in Action with Insights and Strategies for Anyone Living or Working with Troubled Kids, written by C.S. Belle.

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