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  • Sam DiFranco


Although, Anger can range from mild irritation to full-blown rage, it is normally a strong feeling of displeasure.

Things you might want to ask:

-is my anger very frequent?

-what could potentially trigger this feeling?

-am I able to calm do afterwards, or does it take a toll on daily living?

These questions are important to ask yourself because you could be dealing with anger issues. Everyone gets upset every now and then, however, When managed correctly and kept in check, anger can be an important ally to a healthy adult.

Having built up anger can jeopardize relationships and finding a therapist to help with this extreme anger can be beneficial.


If you are still dealing with unresolved trauma, anger is most likely to occur. As well as dealing with humiliation, bullying, stress and frustration.

Some people may be aware of their anger issues but not know what to do. The individual may be so overwhelmed with emotions that they feel unable to control it. If this is the case, perhaps, Star Point Counseling center therapy is for you.

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