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Trauma Counseling At Star Point Counseling Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl 

Most people will experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives, but what is traumatic in Brandon Fl, and Tampa Fl, for one individual might be relatively insignificant in someone else’s life. There’s no way to predict whether an event will be traumatic or what aftereffects a person might experience. Some types of experiences, however, are more likely to provoke the threat response associated with later negative consequences. Effects may be lasting and can cause deep emotional pain, fear, confusion, or posttraumatic stress (PTSD) long after the event has passed. Support, Guidance and assistance from a therapist at Star Point Counseling in Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl can be fundamental to healing from trauma.

A traumatic experience in Brandon Fl, and Tampa Fl, does not necessarily lead to PTSD stress in an individual, nor does it always lead to immediate psychological consequences. Even after extreme trauma, a person might experience negative outcomes weeks, months, or years later. There are many ways someone might respond to a traumatic event, including no response at all.  In no way does one’s response (or lack thereof) indicate strength, weakness, coping abilities, co-occurring mental health issues, or anything about one’s history of trauma.

Therapy at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl is effective in treating both PTSD and isolated psychological issues related to trauma, and various types of therapy have been created specifically to address trauma responses.


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