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Tips From Clarissa- Equal Minutes.

Parenting can be difficult, especially if your child is a defiant teen. The most popular action for a parent to do when their child is being defiant is to take away the child’s phone, ipod, ipad, laptop, T.V, video games, time with friends, or any other fun extracurricular thing that your child enjoys doing. But doing this is one of the worst things you can do, it turns you into an overbearing parent and also takes away any leverage you may have. Co-Founder and Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Star Point Counseling Center, Clarissa Crystal-Belle recommends using “equal minutes.” When using equal minutes, your child will get to use their electronics or hang with friends for the same amount of time that they work on their homework or do chores. For example, if they perform chores for 30 minutes then they can hang out with their friends for 30 minutes. This ensures that the child doesn’t feel like you are over correcting and overbearing, and at the same time you can make sure that their homework and chores are being done while also monitoring their time with friends or phone use. It’s a win-win situation!

Check back soon for more tips from Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Clarissa Crystal-Belle!

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