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  • Sam DiFranco

The Holidays Are Quickly Approaching!


Although the holiday season is supposed to make you feel merry and generous, for many people the stress that goes along with the holidays can trigger sadness and depression. This time of year is especially difficult for those people because there is an expectation of being merry and happy, so people compare their own emotions to what they assume others are experiencing and what they should be experiencing.

There are many things that can add to the stress and tough emotions during the holiday season:

  1. Finances. Not having enough or the fear of not having enough money to be able to buy gifts for family and friends. When you can’t afford to celebrate it can feel devastating.

  2. Stress. The stress comes from finding time to go shopping or planning family dinners, when you are already overwhelmed with work and the kids.

  3. Loneliness. Even though the holidays brings families and friends together, there are those who may not have anyone to spend the holidays with.

  4. Grief. For those who have lost a loved one, this may be the first holiday they are spending without that person.

  5. Divorce. If you are recently divorced, the holidays may remind you of the good times you spent together. It can also be stressful for adult children who may have to balance seeing both parents.

  6. Pleasing. Deciding what to get who and how much to spend on everyone can make you feel guilty, like you aren’t doing enough for everyone.

  7. Seasonal Affective Disorder. Many people experience the blues during gloomy weather due to decreased sunlight, called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

There are many measures you can take to cope with the holiday blues, for example:

  1. Make plans in advance

  2. Get shopping done early

  3. Make time to rest and rejuvenate

  4. Spend time alone to reflect and grieve

  5. Reach out to others who may be experiencing the same emotions

If you feel the stress and depression creeping up along with the holidays, call us for help before you get too entangled in stress and difficult emotions that comes with the holiday season! (813)244-1251

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