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<strong>Bullying Star Point Counseling center Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl </strong>

Bullying is an attempt to undermine and harm someone based on some perceived weakness. It is often systematic and ongoing. Although commonly associated with children, bullying can occur at any age. Members of minority groups are significantly more likely to be bullied in adulthood.

A person who experiences mental or emotional health effects as a result of bullying may find it helpful to seek support from a therapist at Star Point Counseling center in Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl.

School bullying is perhaps the most well-known form of bullying. Children may physically bully other children by hitting them, taking their possessions, or damaging their property. Bullying can also be verbal and may include exclusionary tactics, name-calling, and threats. A modern-day form of bullying—cyberbullying—takes place via the internet and other communication technologies and is a growing concern among schools and parents.


Bullying others is not a healthy or excusable behavior, but reasons for bullying are often rooted in emotional pain or a difficult family history. Some reasons people may bully others include:

-Power control issues

-family history


-problems with socializing

Finding the right therapist can often be a lengthy and challenging process, and some people may not know where to begin, however, therapy at Star Point Counseling Center in Tampa, Fl & Brandon, Fl may be a great start.

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