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  • Sam DiFranco

Parenting Star Point Counseling Center Tampa, FL & Brandon, FL

From the moment a pregnancy or adoption is announced, most parents receive many suggestions on how to raise their child. Pediatricians provide information to new parents about the health and safety of infants. Media sources offer extensive and often conflicting advice on parenting. Family members may have varying opinions on what is best for a child.

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development states parents are generally responsible for:

  1. Keeping children safe

  2. Listening to children and spending time with them

  3. Providing affection, order, and consistency

  4. Setting and enforcing limits for children

  5. Monitoring friendships children make

  6. Seeking help for any medical or behavioral concerns

New parents may feel overwhelmed by parenting information and advice. They may be unsure of what is best for their child. So they may turn to a pediatrician, therapist, or other specialist for advice. Experts in child psychology and development generally agree no one method of parenting is “best.” Parents may wish to try different parenting styles to see what works for their family.

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