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Identifying an Alcoholic.


Sometimes people struggling with alcoholism are easy to pick out because of their obvious, and frequent intoxication. But for others, its not so easy to spot the signs that they might be an alcoholic. Some people are experts at hiding their alcohol problem, even from close friends and family. Keep a close eye out on the person you suspect of struggling with alcoholism during the holiday season, when stress brings out the worst in some people. It may be difficult to identify, but the following list of signs may help those that suspect alcoholism in a loved one.

Isolation or absence from work: when alcohol starts taking over a persons life, they have a hard time keeping everything together. They start missing work or other commitments because they are too drunk or hungover.

Emotional ups and downs: managing an alcohol problem can be very stressful, an alcoholic can go from the happiest person, to depressed or even angry in a short matter of time.

Avoiding situations that don’t include alcohol: alcoholics are not physically able to go very long without drinking, or they will begin to suffer from withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating, and anxiety.

Hiding alcohol: if a person is sneaking alcohol into places where they shouldn’t be is either an alcoholic or on the verge of being one. Anytime someone feels the need to hide something from a loved one, it probably means that they know they are doing something wrong and are ashamed of it.

Dangerous behavior: eventually the persons drinking will catch up to them and they will not be able to control themselves. Drinking and driving or other risky behaviors will become more frequent as their drinking takes priority over everything.

High tolerance for alcohol: alcoholics slowly build up a tolerance for alcohol and as a result are able to drink more and more without it affecting them. An alcoholic can usually consume large amounts of alcohol.

There are varying degrees of alcoholism and alcohol abuse, but even those that are just beginning to get caught up with alcoholism may need treatment to stay sober. Loving family members and friends should be willing to step up and encourage them to seek help.

If you have a loved one who you think may be struggling with alcoholism and you are having a hard time dealing with it or it is affecting your relationship then you should seek help from an experienced Licensed Mental Health professional.

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